• Win a Free $10 Gift Card!

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    Go to the prizes tab to win a $10 gift card!

  • Feel free to donate!

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    Now if you donate just five dollars we will disable the ads in one of our trivia games of your choice for one month!



    Then just send an email to sales@zapps.zendesk.com with your choice.


    Please allow up to five days after donating for us to release the update.

  • New! Referral Program!

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    We are now offering a referral program! Refer your friends and get NO ads for your game!

    For each person you refer you will receive one ad free game at no cost.

    Your friend/friends MUST have the app installed for ATLEAST 5 days, and played the game at least 5 times. Don't cheat! We know!

    You get to chose which of our games you want ad free.

    IMPORTANT: You and your friend must submit a screenshot of running app AND a screenshot of Plays Store Listing with your friends email address. See example below.

  • Promo

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    Hey everyone! 

    I would like you to know that if you are designing mobile games like us then you should try promo! Promo is were you can get installs and ratings for your android app! These installs and ratings are REAL! So try out promo today.



    PS: Feel free to apply for our development team!

  • Thanks to ProMo

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    We would like to give thanks to ProMo!


  • Our app Guess the Pokémon will be removed from Google Play

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    We are removing our app Guess the Pokémon. In its place will go Pokémon Quiz. Why are we doing this? We want to provide you the best user experience. Plus the new game will have LOTS more levels!

    Guess the Pokémon will be removed the day Pokémon Quiz is on the store.

    You still will be able to play the old app after we remove it but no updates will be released.

  • Pokemon Quiz coming soon!!

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    We are creating a game called Pokemon Quiz. Learn more about it here

  • New feature! Ad Free games!

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    We have released a new feature called Ad free games. You can buy the ad free game for 0.99 all you have to do is search Ad free your game name

  • Please feel free to contact us

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    We would love to hear your feedback!

  • Welcome to our new user portal!

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    Welcome to our brand-new user portal! Here, you can submit private requests directly to our help desk, ask a question or share your ideas in our community. You can report problems or give praise, too!