Knowledge Base: FAQ

  • Sales

    Please send all sales questions to

  • I can't download new updates for my app because I don't have enough storage!

    If you don't have enough storage to download new app updates buy more storage.

    Here's why you should buy more storage: After a few months your apps will stop working, and you won't be able to use them anymore.

  • What happens when I download an update?

    Our updates often include bug fixes.

    What are bugs?

    Bugs are slight flaws in parts of code. All apps have bugs but we do our best to get ride of them!

  • I am not getting updates for my apps

    First please make sure that there is not any new updates that you are not aware of. (Go to were you download apps and install the update) Then contact us or your app provider.


    Please note: If you have downloaded one of our apps from a smaller app store like Aptoide it may take longer for them to get the updates and make them available for users.

  • Were is the question that I have to answer in my trivia game?

    It is above the picture. Sometimes though it might now be a question. For example "Food:" that means that you have to name the food that the picture shows.


  • What is "Get double rewards here?"

    If you win a level in one of our apps then you will see a banner that says get double rewards here! If you click on that then you will be shone an ad and you will get free coins. If you need more info on coins then please click here.

    You will only see this on certain apps.

  • What can I use coins for in my game?

    In some games there is an in game coin system. You can earn coins by completing a level, watching an ad video, or posting about our app on social media.

    You can use the coins that you earned to expose a letter, remove letters, and solve the question.


    Have fun!

  • Why do I have to download new levels?

    We made the apps only have 48 levels when you download the it so that the APK that you download it not to big for your device to handle. We release new levels every 7 to 15 days.

    You only have to download new levels on these apps. Guess the logo, Guess the sports team, Guess the celebrity, Guess the emoji, Guess the NFL team, Guess the pokemon, Guess that team, and Guess the restaurant.

  • Why is there ads in my game?

    Like everyone we want an need to make money. We had two choices charge for the app or have ads. We chose ads so that you don't have to pay a penny.

    Some apps do not have ads but all apps on the Google Play Store have ads.

  • My app won't work

    First if your app is not functioning properly please make sure that you have WiFi or cellular connection. If it still does not work please make sure that there is not a new update for the app. Then if none of that works please contact us.

  • My app keeps crashing

    If you are on a older device it's going to crash sometimes. (2012 or before) If you are on a device that's not very old than you could try deleting the app and reinstall it. Also please make sure that there is not a new update in your app store. If you don't want to try that then please contact us or the store that your app is provided by.